4 Tips and Tricks to Maintain Good Battery Life for Your Car

4 Tips and Tricks to Maintain Good Battery Life for Your Car

Batteries have always been the focus of the vehicle as you would find significant drain overtime due to lack of proper maintenance. There is a great necessity for healthy battery as the cost of replacement is too high. The general prescribed life of battery for any automobile ranges from 4-5 years. There are few points that need to be kept in mind while looking to maintain your car battery. It is equally important to make limited use of electronics while your engine is OFF. The most common practice that saps battery is when you leave electronics, such as the headlights and stereo on without having the engine on.

The active engine will take power using fuel consumption. The active electronic components with the inactive engine will use power from the car battery. As the car is on, the alternator generates electricity and charges the car battery as soon as it has a voltage drop.

4 Tips and Tricks to Maintain Good Battery Life for Your Car
4 Tips and Tricks to Maintain Good Battery Life for Your Car

The car batteries are helpful in providing sudden burst of power needed for ignition. The battery is not supposed to offer prolonged power for electronics and other devices. In modern days vehicles are enabled with warning indicators to let you know if you’ve forgotten to turn off headlight, but it should be a routine work as to check all electronics are off before exiting the vehicle.

If you are using electronics only, just make sure to turn on the engine every few minutes. It would just feed the battery and helps mitigate the charge drain. You just need to provide regular attention and maintenance for batteries. The corrosion part might create problems for batteries along its terminals. The corrosion can be easily removed taking the help of a screwdriver. The mild and moderate cases can be easily tackled at home but for more serious problems it requires professional help. It is equally important to keep the battery clean apart from how much you use your vehicle. If you are not driving the car regularly, the engine should be at least started up regularly.

Fully charge the battery at least once a week as your car battery drains even when the car is off. So, after long vacations people find their car battery dead. Car battery chargers will maintain the optimum charge level of your car when not in use. If you charge your car battery at least once a week, it would increase the life. You just need to be careful not to overcharge the lead-acid batteries as it batteries releases oxygen and hydrogen gases when overcharged. They can be explosive and also can break down the composition of the water in the battery.

Always check the battery’s water level

You would often find that most of the car batteries indicate that it needs water. There are knobs that are helpful in taking care of increase or decrease of water levels in the battery. It is high time to quench the thirst of the battery only with distilled water.

After long trips Just Insulate the battery

It is advised to cover long trips as the batteries require some time to get charged. The charging and discharging is alternated at rapid pace and helps in modifying the temperatures of the chemicals present in the battery. So, if you insulate the battery with proper cover layer it would increase its longevity.

It is equally important to mount the battery with appropriate clamps and hold the same in place that prevents dynamic vibrations and often causes electrical disasters like short circuits, fluctuations and sparks as well. The batteries always need constant care as they have become the arteries of automobiles. Just Contact Roadster Guru for any kind of car repair in Noida.

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